the new way to repair your trailer yourself


Are you on the road or spending the summer at your favourite campsite? It would be a shame if your experience is spoiled by a problem of equipement, awning, water heater, bearing or other on your trailer or RV. With the PROVRTUEL online trailer and RV repair and maintenance service, you’ll no longer have to worry because a Roulotte Chaudière pro will hit the road with you.

Let one of our technicians help you make a clear diagnosis, get the parts you need to repair your RV and become your personal assistant on the job.

In short, PROVRTUEL is an innovative virutal garage that will allow you to ask the expertise of a mechanic, anywhere and anytime!


NO TRAVEL: Wherever you are in North America, we can help.
FAST: Depending on the nature of your problem, an appointment will be given to you quickly and the parts will be sent to you as soon as possible
SPECIFIC: A technician will guide you step by step during your repair and maintenance.
LESS EXPENSIVE: Preferential rate, cheaper than the mechanic!



  1. Contact Les Roulottes Chaudière and explain briefly your problem.
  2. An online appointment and an explanatory guide to connect to the videoconference will then be sent to you.
  3. At the time of the appointment, you just have to connect to us.
  4. Our mechanic will first diagnose your problem.
  5. Large choice of accessories to decorate and renovate your trailer.
  6. If necessary, parts can be sent to you.
  7. Step by step, the technician will assist you with your trailer’s repairs.


Your remote mechanic is able to help you with any problem on your trailer or RV. No need to buy your RV from us to benefit from our expertise!

  • Awning that no longer opens
  • Broken sanitary equipment
  • Faulty sealing joints
  • Bearing lubrication
  • Toilet that doesn’t keep its water
  • Freezing fridge
  • Water heater anode replacement
  • Flat
  • And any other problem!


The summer giveaway

The summer giveaway

This summer at Roulottes Chaudière’s Maintenance Department, you could win a Kuma camping set worth more than $500!