A Keystone model caught your eye? Come and visit Roulottes Chaudière Lévis on the South Shore of Québec or our dealership in Alma in Lac-Saint-Jean to learn more about the products of this experienced RV manufacturer! For great getaways or simply recharge your batteries at your favourite campsite, Keystone units will meet your demands, as well as your budget! Trust our advisors and let yourself be guided.

With operations beginning in 1996, Keystone has kept its pacing with the industry’s and made its mark, now with more than a million proud owners and members of the Keystone Nation. Renowned for their unparalleled fifth wheel caravans, you’ll many other models that can please you, ranging from travel trailers to destination trailers, with or without a loft on the 2nd floor!

Relentless, ready to go beyond expectations and push even further, Keystone RVs know how to surprise their customers with more impressive features every time with the help of teams of engineers at the forefront, looking for new ways to create new standards of comfort, safety, and performance! It’s not for nothing that Keystone is one of the largest RV industries in North America!

Roulottes Chaudière is proud to be able to offer Quebecers different models of Keystone RVs ad make them discover camping one surprise at a time. There’s no better way to spread joy, and Keystone understood the assignment!

Specifications of our Keystone models

Min length Max length Min weigth Max weight
Cougar (TT) 25 ft 11 in 37 ft 5 in 5 600 lbs 8 700 lbs
Cougar (FW) Sport 26 ft 3 in 32 ft 3 in 6 800 lbs 7 600 lbs
Half-Ton 27 ft 11 in 35 ft 8 in 7 200 lbs 9 500 lbs
Hideout Single Axis 20 ft 6 in 22 ft 10 in 2 900 lbs 4 400 lbs
Double Axis 25 ft 4 in 33 ft 11 in 4 500 lbs 6 900 lbs
Original 26 ft 2 in 39 ft 11 in 5 600 lbs 9 300 lbs
Montana High Country 34 ft 42 ft 5 in 11 500 lbs 14 400 lbs
Original 35 ft 1 in 42 ft 7 in 12 400 lbs 15 300 lbs
Retreat 39 ft 10 in 42 ft 11 in 11 800 lbs 13 100 lbs

Don’t hesitate to check our article with all our Keystone pamphlets, but also from our other manufacturers. You can also have a look at our new and pre-owned inventory on the way out; something might interest you!