Want to learn more about some of Forest River Inc.‘s models? By stopping at Roulottes Chaudière, whether in Alma in Lac-Saint-Jean or in Lévis on the South Shore of Quebec, our advisors will be happy to present you the brands we own of this great RV manufacturer. Regardless of the type of RV, be it trailers, tent trailers, hybrids, truck campers, toy hauler or even destination trailers, Forest River Inc. has the largest variety of recreational vehicles in North America, and they have the perfect unit for you and your budget!

Surveyor offers two series: Legends and Grand. With Grand Suveyor, you can enjoy the comfort and luxury that a fifth wheel caravan or a motorhome would provide at a lower price, and much easier to tow! You’ll find options with Murphy beds in Surveyor Legends plans, allowing you to make better use of your space. And don’t forget the storage spaces for all your camping equipment!

Flagstaff offers you plenty of choices in its series: many tent trailers, Shamrock hybrid trailers, E-Pro travel trailers as well as Flagstaff Classic, Superlite and Microlite travel trailers. There’s no better way to redefine your camping experience with the different features that Flagstaff RVs provide! For couples, small or large families, lighter or longer, with or without slide outs, everything is at your disposal!

In another subdivision of Forest River Inc., we find Palomino RV with its truck campers and a few travel trailers models. Established in 1968, Palomino RV was acquired by Forest River Inc. in 2002 and the company experienced a fast rise in the following years. The Palomino and Real Lite series offer models of trailers with a soft side like a tent trailer, offering a more aerodynamic design or a completely solid models with all the features of a house. And don’t forget the PaloMini travel trailers, which is fantastic for couples and families alike!

Finally, Forest Rive Inc. owns the very famous Wildwood lineage. With 4 different series (Original, X-Lite, FSX and Lodge), the Wildwood models present you regular units, toy haulers units and destination trailers! The luxury of the X-Lite series is comparable to that of a house, and some models even offer a children’s room with several bunk beds. The regular Wildwood series only offers quality, nothing less! With several options, whether you’re in a large family or a couple wishing to discover the world, Wildwood is the undisputed choice!

We own several other RV brands from Forest River Inc., such as No Boundaries or r-pod. To learn more about these two brands, as well as the Wildwood FSX and Lodge series, we invite you to click on their respective links to discover their specifications and what they have to offer!

Specifications of our Forest River Inc. models

Min length Max length Min weigth Max weigth
Surveyor Legends 23 ft 7 in 37 ft 11 in 3 700 lbs 7 800 lbs
Grand 30 ft 7 in 38 ft 10 in 6 000 lbs 8 800 lbs
Flagstaff Tent Trailer 11 ft 3 in 21 ft 3 in 1 200 lbs 3 600 lbs
SE (Pop-up) 14 ft 11 in 21 ft 6 in 2 200 lbs 3 000 lbs

H. Side  (Pop-Up)

18 ft 4 in 20 ft 4 in 2 100 lbs 2 700 lbs
Shamrock (Hybrid) 21 ft 2 in 24 ft 10 in 4 200 lbs 5 700 lbs
Classic 29 ft 11 in 36 ft 8 in 7 600 lbs 9 700 lbs
Superlite 29 ft 9 in 35 ft 5 in 6 600 lbs 8 600 lbs
Microlite 22 ft 4 in 25 ft 11 in 4 400 lbs 6 200 lbs
E-Pro 12 ft 3 in 21 ft 2 in 1 900 lbs 4 000 lbs
Palomino RV Palomino 12 ft 8 in 20 ft 1 200 lbs 3 600 lbs
Real Lite 12 ft 8 in 20 ft 1 200 lbs 3 600 lbs
PaloMini (TT) 21 ft 9 in 24 ft 1 in 4 000 lbs 4 300 lbs
Wildwood Original 26 ft 11 in 38 ft 11 in 5 800 lbs 9 300 lbs
X-Lite 22 ft 8 in 33 ft 5 in 3 800 lbs 6 200 lbs

Don’t hesitate to check our article with all our Forest River Inc. pamphlets, but also those from our other manufacturers. You can also have a look at our new and pre-owned inventory on the way out; something might interest you!